Enterprise Risk Management in Government

Published in WSJ - By Kristin Broughton July 29, 2019Federal agencies are taking a cue from the corporate world, appointing chief risk officers and putting in place more processes to identify and manage operational risks.A big reason, according to government risk managers: Many agencies haven’t had strong controls in place to guard against reputational and [...]

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‘Brexit’ leaps to top of enterprise risk management concerns

Risk managers must help their organizations assess the effect of Britain's vote to leave the European Union on their business, according to Airmic Ltd., the U.K. risk management association. London-based Airmic said “the risks associated with 'Brexit' must now feature on the principal risks for most organizations.” “A priority for organizations today is the creation [...]

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Reputation risk biggest concern for companies

Majority of the companies have now started managing strategic risk rather than limiting their focus to traditional risk areas such as operational, financial and compliance risk, according to a survey. Strategic risk has become a major focus for 81 per cent of surveyed companies, stated advisory firm Deloitte. Deloitte’s recently published survey entitled ‘Exploring strategic [...]

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Ignore Stakeholders at Your Own Risk – Voices on Project Management

I've been discussing stakeholders and communication for some time now without focusing on the key question: Why do stakeholders matter? Well, on most projects, stakeholders equate to risks. There are a few risks that don't involve people--inclement weather, for example--but 90 percent of the risks on most projects are caused by one or more people: [...]

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How To Get The Most Out Of Risk Management Spend

Even with most security budgets growing or at least staying flat for 2014, no organization ever has unlimited funds for protecting the business. That's where a solid risk management plan can be a lifesaver. Dark Reading recently spoke with a number of security and risk management experts, who offered practical tips for getting the most [...]

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Small Business Benefits from Remote Working Policies

Sustainable businesses looking to cut cost and also integrate sustainability concepts in business operations are looking to remote working to do the trick.  Why?  There are several contributing factors For starters,  a report by the President’s Council of Economic Advisers in the US highlights benefits of remote working including “reducing absenteeism, lowering turnover, improving the health of [...]

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A Start-Up’s Guide to E-Commerce Security, Speed and Scalability

Starting an e-commerce operation involves a great many variables, but certain things are pretty much the same for all new e-tailers: You need to provide customers with a secure environment for doing business; you need to keep your virtual doors open around the clock; and you need to be able to accommodate whatever size crowd the Internet might send your way.

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