eKnols is a company of many professionals who have complementary skills and expertise required for implementing effective risk management practice. What sets us apart is the unique skill set that we can draw up from our 142 affiliate consultants to implement risk management processes in a range of industries and sectors that present different levels of challenges. We employ the right person to do the job hence giving the client the maximum value. In all our projects, the company ensures our consultants provide clear advice and guidance so that our clients get visible benefits of adapting a risk management process.

The company was formed in 2009 as an instrument for carrying out FP7 (presently Horison 2020) funded technology projects within the EU. Between 2009 and 2013, a number of projects covering businesses, universities and incubators across the EU countries have been sucessfully undertaken. eKnols employed 142 affiliate consultants to work on various projects involving setting up risk free technology for e-learning facilities to getting the organisations ready for ISO 31000 aliegnment. The work spaned from strategic planning through practical implementation to trainning key staff for greater risk maturity.

Presently, the key staff acts as advisors and consultants to Client Organisations and companies involved in mega projects to establish effective Enterprise and Project risk management on a short and long term basis.