Organisations are aware that some risks will always exist and will never be eliminated; they recognise that they have a responsibility to manage risks (both positive and negative). eKnols supports companies and large organisations with a structured, systematic and focused approach to managing risk by developing a risk management strategy that fits the purpose so that the top management can approve implementation easily.
The benefits of Risk Strategy to the organisations would be:

  • demonstrate effective corporate governance;
  • better achieve its corporate objectives;
  • enhance the value of services it provides to the community or customers.

The objectives of a risk management strategy are to:

  • integrate risk management into the culture of the organisation or business;
  • manage risk in accordance with best practice;
  • anticipate and respond to changing social, legislative and business requirements;
  • prevent injury, damage and losses, and reduce the cost of risk;
  • raise awareness of risk with all involved with delivery of services¬† or business offerings.